Rates and Services  


It doesn't matter if your dog needs a quick potty break or a nice long walk, we have several dog walking options to best fit your situation.  With one-on-one care, any of these options are sure to please your furry family member.  Just choose which one would work best for you and contact us today!



The Potty Break | 15 minute visit |  $10


Perfect for the dog who needs a little love (and that quick trip outside) during the day.  We'll come and check on your pup, let them do their business, and spend a little time loving on them before leaving.



The Daily Walk | 30 minute visit |  $15


It’s important for your pet to get outside, get some exercise, and enjoy themselves.  Each walk features a stroll around the neighborhood at their own pace, endless smells to investigate, and plenty of love and attention throughout. Don’t forget about a refreshing drink afterwards, maybe even a treat!  You'll be coming home to a calm and happy dog.


The Playtime | 45 minute visit |  $22

Long day at the office?  Our playtime visits allow for individual playtime and exercise for your pet in the comfort of their own home.  Whether that's a long walk, catch in the backyard, or having fun playing with toys, our one-on-one attention will do wonders for your dog.  It will be the best 45 minutes of their day.

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